HTML5 Development Services

HTML5 is one of the hottest growing web and mobile development platforms backed by many big IT giants in the world. It brings with it incredible web browsing experience so much so that every web Expert today predicts that, in a few years down the line, HTML5 will revolutionize the web world. The latest and advanced HTML5 (Hyper Protocol Mark-up Language) is the largely sorted over platform specially as it supports mobile devices. HTML5 is also a potential candidate for cross-platform mobile applications. Many features of HTML5 have been built taking into consideration its ability to run on low-powered devices such as Smartphones and Tablets.

Despite the long term development schedule, some aspects of HTML5 are already being implemented in new Browsers. Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft edge all incorporate some features of HTML5. Considering the growing demand for HTML5, Technogics offers HTML5 development services to our clients. We are one of the pioneers to provide HTML5 development as a service offering, Technogics is backed by its strong team of expert HTML designers and developers. HTML5 is already working on all the major browsers, like Chrome, IE, FireFox, Safari and Opera.

As a top HTML5 development company, we use HTML5 for all kind of responsive development and mobile applications developments. HTML5 technology increase the user experience and usability level of both web and mobile applications with its quality and richness.

Why Prefer HTML5:

  • Mutuality.
  • Cleaner Mark-up/Improved code.
  • Improved Semantics.
  • Elegant forms and Web Apps.
  • Offline Application Cache.
  • Audio and Video playback without plug-in.
  • Great for mobile devices.

HTML5 and CSS3 Services Offered by Technogics:

  • Custom Web Development.
  • HTML5 Android Development.
  • HTML5 iPhone/iPad Development.
  • Isometric Game Development.
  • PhoneGap Development.
  • JQtouch Mobile Development.
  • Sencha Touch.
  • Responsive Website Development.